Credenza Engineering Pvt. Ltd is Proud to Announce that throughout the 25 years of Experience . We have planned for a expansion and launched our subsidiary company called Samartha Engineering Pvt Ltd. With well trained team to handle the needs of the customer and provide effective constructive support to the clients. Samartha Engineering will also have the same construction team as of credenza to execute projects for various industry specially in India & Africa.

In firm Samartha Engineering will also execute the service of power plants, Sugar Industries, Structural Building, Industrial insulation and piping etc. Samartha Engineering is engaged in the field of construction and trading business. We supply different types of materials to the original equipment manufacturers all over the world to enlarge the benefits of the customers. The goal of Samartha Engineering is to build on the strengths of two leading companies to create a global team, adding significant growth and scale to our business. We are now operating as one business under two concern to increase the benefits of our clients all over the world.